Church Cemetery

A resting place since 1904 for church family members and Germanna descendants.

From The History of Hebron Lutheran Church, Madison, Virginia, 1717-1907 by Reverend W. P. Huddle:

. . . A deed for an acre of ground was secured from Mr. H. B. Fray, February 6, 1904. The ground was enclosed by a beautiful iron fence and laid off in lots. Many of these have already been bought by the members, and the probability is that in a few years there will be few if any lots vacant and for sale.

The price of the land $153, and the cost of the fence $470, have largely been paid by the sale of lots. The remainder was met by a loan of about two hundred dollars from the Church Funds. The number of lots unsold, it is hoped, will be sufficient to pay all indebtedness and create a fund, the interest of which will be sufficient to have it kept in good condition.

The bodies of those buried on the hill and some from other burying grounds have been removed to the new cemetery and a number of beautiful stones have already been erected. The ground has proved to be unusually good for burial purposes, and the general opinion is that the change has been a good one.

The people see the importance of a cemetery near the church, where it will be better cared for and where they can more easily visit, when they come to worship, the resting places of those “whom they have loved long since and lost awhile.” . . .

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